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For comprehensive pathology with a personal touch, New England turns to University Pathologists. Our practice model is based on multi-specialty pathology, which enables us to bring highly specialized services to community hospitals and private practices. Working on-site at 8 hospitals and 2 free-standing practices in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, we’ve established close ties to the healthcare professionals who rely on us. This enables us to provide timely, leading-edge diagnostic services – both routine and highly specialized – along with one-on-one, pre- and post-analytical consultation on complex cases. We’re extremely proud of the close ties we’ve built with the hospitals located in the many communities we serve. University Pathologists strives to provide a personal touch. In fact, each of our pathologists works within their community’s primary healthcare facility, which makes them easier to reach for consultations – either by phone or in person.

Our team of pathologists has been carefully selected for exceptional academic and clinical qualifications. Well-respected in their fields, our professionals are board-certified in anatomic and/or clinical pathology, with subspecialties that cover a broad set of needs: hematopathology, dermatopathology, uropathology, gastrointestinal pathology, cytopathology, breast and gynecologic pathology; oral pathology and surgical pathology.

Joint Commission/ CAP Notice
To report any concerns about patient safety or quality of services provided, contact:

The Joint Commission or 630-792-3007 or
College of American Pathologists 800-323-4040

There will be no disciplinary or punitive action taken because of employee or other individual who provides laboratory services reports regarding safety or quality-of-care concerns to The Joint Commission or CAP.

CAP Accredited
Sonic Healthcare USA is announced as a Laboratory Testing Partner for National K-12 School Testing Program

Sonic Healthcare USA is announced as a Laboratory Testing Partner for National K-12 School Testing Program | April 19, 2021

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Leila Langston, MD

Leila Langston, MD | January 25, 2021

Aurora Diagnostics welcomes Leila Langston, MD, Dermatopathologist, to our Arizona Dermatopathology staff.

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Alan Oroxom, MD

Alan Oroxom, MD | December 10, 2020

Aurora Diagnsotics welcomes Alan Oroxom, MD, Anatomic Pathologist, to our CBM Pathology staff.

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