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(HMB45, Mart 1, Tyrosinase) General IHC
(HMW CK (CK5,CK14), p63 General IHC
Acid Orecein Giemsa Non-Microorganism Stains
Actin, a-Smooth Muscle General IHC
Actin, Muscle Specific General IHC
Adipophilin General IHC
AE1 General IHC
Aerobic vaginitis panel, Orange Aptima swab • Enterococcus faecalis
• Escherichia coli
• Group B Streptococcus
• Staphylococcus aureus
Women's Health - Infectiou Disease
AFB (Acid Fast Bacteria) Microorganisms
AFB (Stain for Leprosy Organisms) Microorganisms
AFP General IHC
Alcian Blue Non-Microorganism Stains
Alcian Blue PAS Non-Microorganism Stains
Alcian Blue PAS (Hematoxylin) Non-Microorganism Stains
Alcian Blue PAS 2.5 Non-Microorganism Stains
ALK Hematopoietic
Alk1 General IHC
Amyliod P General IHC
Amyloid Non-Microorganism Stains
Androgen Receptor General IHC
Antitrypsin General IHC
Ashkenazi Jewish Panel Women's Health
AuraSeq - Fusions Molecular Testing
AuraSeq - Solid Tumor Molecular Testing
AVID Auto Reflex Test Women’s Health - Infectious Disease
AVID Screen Women’s Health - Infectious Disease
Azure A Non-Microorganism Stains
B Cell gene rearrangement Molecular Oncology
B-HCG Neuroendocrine / Misc
B72.3 General IHC
Bacterial vaginosis Assay, Orange Aptima swab • Atopobium vaginae
• BVAB-2 (Bacterial vaginosis associated-bacteria-2)
• Gardnerella vaginalis
• Megasphaera type 1
• Megasphaera type 2
Women’s Health - Infectious Disease
Basal Cell Cocktail General IHC
Bcl-1/cyclin D1 General IHC
bcl-2 General IHC
bcl-6 General IHC
BD Affirm Women's Health
BD Affirm Vaginitis Panel (VPIII) Women’s Health - Infectious Disease
Ber-EP4 General IHC
Beta Catenin (14) General IHC
BG 8/Lewis Y (F3) General IHC
Bielschowsky Non-Microorganism Stains
Bloom Syndrome Genetic Testing
BRAF V600 E/K Molecular Oncology
BV Panel Women's Health
BV, CV, AV, URO Combos Women's Health
c-Kit (CD117) Soft Tissue
CA 125 General IHC
CA 19-9 General IHC
Calcitonin General IHC
Calponin General IHC
Calretinin General IHC
Canavan's disease Genetic Testing
Candida vaginitis QUAD Assay, Orange Aptima swab • Candida albicans
• Candida glabrata
• Candida krusei
• Candida parapsilosis
• Candida tropicalis
Women’s Health - Infectious Disease
CD-10 General IHC
CD-117 General IHC
CD-138 General IHC
CD-15 General IHC
CD-163 General IHC
CD-176 General IHC
CD-1a General IHC
CD-2 General IHC
CD-20 General IHC
CD-21 General IHC
CD-23 General IHC
CD-246 General IHC
CD-25 General IHC
CD-3 General IHC
CD-30 General IHC
CD-31 General IHC
CD-34 General IHC
CD-4 General IHC
CD-43 General IHC
CD-44 General IHC
CD-45RB General IHC
CD-5 General IHC
CD-56 General IHC
CD-57 General IHC
CD-63 General IHC
CD-68 General IHC
CD-7 General IHC
CD-79A General IHC
CD-8 General IHC
CD-99 General IHC
CD10 Leukemia/Lymphoma
CD10 Myeloma Panel
CD10 Screen Panel/Lymphoma Panels
CD103 Myeloma Panel
CD117 Myeloma Panel
CD117 Leukemia/Lymphoma
CD11c Myeloma Panel
CD123 Myeloma Panel
CD13 Screen Panel/Lymphoma Panels
CD13 Leukemia/Lymphoma
CD13 Myeloma Panel
CD138 Myeloma Panel
CD14 Myeloma Panel
CD14 Leukemia/Lymphoma
CD15 Myeloma Panel
CD16 Leukemia/Lymphoma
CD16 Screen Panel/Lymphoma Panels
CD16 Myeloma Panel
CD19 Myeloma Panel
CD19 Leukemia/Lymphoma
CD1a Myeloma Panel
CD2 Myeloma Panel
CD2 Screen Panel/Lymphoma Panels
CD2 Leukemia/Lymphoma
CD20 Screen Panel/Lymphoma Panels
CD20 Leukemia/Lymphoma
CD20 Myeloma Panel
CD22 Myeloma Panel
CD22 Leukemia/Lymphoma
CD22 Screen Panel/Lymphoma Panels
CD23 Leukemia/Lymphoma
CD23 Screen Panel/Lymphoma Panels
CD23 Myeloma Panel
CD25 Individual markers that can be added to any panel.
CD3 Leukemia/Lymphoma
CD3 Myeloma Panel
CD3 Screen Panel/Lymphoma Panels
CD30 Myeloma Panel
CD33 Leukemia/Lymphoma
CD33 Myeloma Panel
CD34 Myeloma Panel
CD34 Screen Panel/Lymphoma Panels
CD34 Leukemia/Lymphoma
CD38 Screen Panel/Lymphoma Panels
CD38 Leukemia/Lymphoma
CD4 Leukemia/Lymphoma
CD4 Screen Panel/Lymphoma Panels
CD4 Leukemia/Lymphoma
CD41 Myeloma Panel
CD45 Screen Panel/Lymphoma Panels
CD45 Leukemia/Lymphoma
CD45 (LCA) Hematopoietic
CD45 RO (UCHL-1) Hematopoietic
CD5 Myeloma Panel
CD5 Leukemia/Lymphoma
CD5 Screen Panel/Lymphoma Panels
CD52 Individual markers that can be added to any panel.
CD56 Leukemia/Lymphoma
CD56 Screen Panel/Lymphoma Panels
CD57 Myeloma Panel
CD61 Myeloma Panel
CD64 Screen Panel/Lymphoma Panels
CD64 Leukemia/Lymphoma
CD64 Myeloma Panel
CD7 Myeloma Panel
CD7 Leukemia/Lymphoma
CD7 Screen Panel/Lymphoma Panels
CD71 Myeloma Panel
CD79a Myeloma Panel
CD8 Screen Panel/Lymphoma Panels
CD8 Myeloma Panel
CD8 Leukemia/Lymphoma
CDCD38 Myeloma Panel
CDX-2 General IHC
CEA General IHC
CEA Mono General IHC
CEA Poly General IHC
CEA Polyclonal Epithelial
Chlamydia Women’s Health - Infectious Disease
Chromogranin A General IHC
CK (34E12/903) Prostate
CK (34E12/903) Cytokeratin
CK (AE1/AE3) Cytokeratin
CK 19 General IHC
CK 5/6 Cytokeratin
CK 8/18 Cytokeratin
CK CAM 5.2 General IHC
CK intermediate weight (MNF116) Cytokeratin
CK-20 General IHC
CK-7 General IHC
CK-8 General IHC
CK20 Cytokeratin
CMV General IHC
Collagen IV General IHC
Colloidal Iron Non-Microorganism Stains
Colloidal Iron with Hyalurondiase Digestion Non-Microorganism Stains
Copper Stain Non-Microorganism Stains
CRG Neuroendocrine / Misc
CT - Chlamydia Trachomatis Women's Health
CT/NG Women's Health
CV Panel Women's Health
Cyclin D1 Hematopoietic
Cystic Fibrosis Women's Health
Cystic Fibrosis Carrier Screening Genetic Testing
Cytokeratin (34betaE12) General IHC
Cytokeratin (OSCAR) General IHC
Cytokeratin HMW General IHC
Cytoplasmic KAPPA Myeloma Panel
Cytoplasmic LAMBDA Myeloma Panel
D2-40 General IHC
Desmin General IHC
Diff-Quick Microorganisms
DOG-1 General IHC
DSN General IHC
E-Cadherin General IHC
EGFR General IHC
Elastic Stain Non-Microorganism Stains
EMA General IHC
Ep-CAM General IHC
ER General IHC
ERG General IHC
Factor VIII General IHC
Factor XIII a General IHC
Familial Dysautonemia Genetic Testing
Fanconni Anemia Type C Genetic Testing
Fibrinogen DIF
FMC7 Myeloma Panel
FMC7 Leukemia/Lymphoma
FMC7 Screen Panel/Lymphoma Panels
Fontana Non-Microorganism Stains
Fragile X Genetic Testing
Fragile X Women's Health
Galectin-3 (9C4) General IHC
Gastrin General IHC
GATA3 General IHC
Gaucher Disease Genetic Testing
GBS Women’s Health - Infectious Disease
GBS Women's Health
GCDFP-15 General IHC
GFAP General IHC
Giemsa Microorganisms
GLUT-1 General IHC
Glycophorin Myeloma Panel
Glycophorin A General IHC
Glypican-3 General IHC
GMS Microorganisms
Gomori Methenamine Silver Stain Microorganisms
Gonorrhea Women’s Health - Infectious Disease
Gram Stain Microorganisms
Granzyme B General IHC
H Pylori General IHC
HBME-1 General IHC
HCG General IHC
Hep Par-1 (OCH1E5) Epithelial
Hepatocyte General IHC
Her 2/neu General IHC
Her2Neu CISH
Her2Neu - Breast Tissue FISH
Her2Neu - Gastric Tissue FISH
Her2Neu (by FISH) Breast Prognostic Profile
Herpes General IHC
Herpes Simples I & II by PCR Women’s Health - Infectious Disease
HHV-8 General IHC
HLADR Myeloma Panel
HLADR Screen Panel/Lymphoma Panels
HMB-45 General IHC
HMB45/Keratin Dual Stain General IHC
HPV General IHC
HPV 16, 18/45 Women's Health
HPV Genotyping Expanded Panel (16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59, 66, 68, 6, 11, 26, 30, 34, 53, 67, 67, 70, 73, 82, 85) Women’s Health - Infectious Disease
HPV Genotyping High Risk (16,18/45) Women’s Health - Infectious Disease
HPV-CBM Women's Health
HPV-HR Women's Health
HPV-HR Screening Women’s Health - Infectious Disease
HSV 2 General IHC
HSV-1 Women’s Health - Infectious Disease
HSV-1 Women's Health
HSV-1 & HSV-2 Women's Health
HSV-2 Women's Health
INF-EXPAND-HPV Women's Health
Inhibin General IHC
Iron Non-Microorganism Stains
Iron Hematoxylin Non-Microorganism Stains
Jones' Stain Non-Microorganism Stains
KAPPA Leukemia/Lymphoma
KAPPA Screen Panel/Lymphoma Panels
Kappa General IHC
Kappa/Lambda Dual Stain General IHC
KBA-62 General IHC
Ki-67 General IHC
Ki-67/Mart 1 General IHC
Ki67 (MIB-1) Breast Prognostic Profile
LAMBDA Screen Panel/Lymphoma Panels
LAMBDA Leukemia/Lymphoma
Lambda General IHC
Leder Non-Microorganism Stains
Luxal Fast Blue Non-Microorganism Stains
Lysozyme General IHC
Macrophage General IHC
Mammaglobin General IHC
Mast Cell Tryptase General IHC
Mel C (HMB45 & Mart-1) General IHC
Melan-A General IHC
Melanin Bleach Non-Microorganism Stains
Methyl Green-Pyronin Non-Microorganism Stains
Microsatellite Instability (MSI) Molecular Oncology
MITF General IHC
MKX3.1 General IHC
MLH-1 General IHC
MLH1 Promoter Hypermethylation Assay Molecular Oncology
MOC-31 General IHC
MPO Individual markers that can be added to any panel.
MPO Hematopoietic
MSA Soft Tissue
MSH-2 General IHC
MSH-6 General IHC
MTF Melanocyte / Neural
Mucicarmine Non-Microorganism Stains
Mucolipoidosis Type IV Genetic Testing
MUM-1 General IHC
Myeloperoxidase General IHC
Myoglobin General IHC
Napsin A General IHC
Neimann-Pick Disease Genetic Testing
Neurofilament General IHC
NG - Neisseria Gonorrhoeae Women's Health
NGF General IHC
NIK1/C3 Melanocyte / Neural
NKI/C3 General IHC
NSE General IHC
Oil Red O Non-Microorganism Stains
P 75 (NGFR) Melanocyte / Neural
p120 Caterin General IHC
p16 General IHC
p40 General IHC
P504S General IHC
p53 General IHC
P53 Breast Prognostic Profile
p63 General IHC
p75 General IHC
Pan Cytokeratin General IHC
Pan Melanoma Cocktail General IHC
PAS (Hematoxylin) Non-Microorganism Stains
PAS Diastase Stain Non-Microorganism Stains
PAS Reaction Non-Microorganism Stains
PAS-Light Green Microorganisms
PAX-5 General IHC
PAX-8 General IHC
PD-L1 (Clone 22C3) Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Urothelial Bladder Cancer, Cervical Carcinoma, Solid Tumor (non-FDA)
PD-L1 (Clone 28-8) Malignant Melanoma, Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Urothelial Bladder Cancer
PD-L1 (Clone SP142) Triple Negative Breast Cancer, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Urothelial Bladder Cancer
PD-L1 (Clone SP263) Urothelial Bladder Cancer
PGP 9.5 General IHC
PHH3 General IHC
Pin 4 Prostate
Pin-4 General IHC
PLAP General IHC
PMS2 General IHC
PR General IHC
PRO(P504S/KER903) General IHC
Progesterone Receptor (PR) Breast Prognostic Profile
Prostein Prostate
PSA General IHC
PSAP General IHC
PTAH Non-Microorganism Stains
PTEN General IHC
RCC General IHC
Reticulin Stain Non-Microorganism Stains
S100 General IHC
S100 Cytokeratin AE1 AE3 combo General IHC
Schmorl's Melanin Non-Microorganism Stains
SMA General IHC
SMM-1 Soft Tissue
Smooth Muscle Myosin General IHC
Smoothelin General IHC
SOX 10 General IHC
Spinal Muscular Atrophy Genetic Testing
Spirochete General IHC
Steiner and Steiner Non-Microorganism Stains
Stromelysin General IHC
Synaptophysin General IHC
T Cell gene rearrangement Molecular Oncology
T PALL General IHC
Tay-Sachs Genetic Testing
TCR-alpha/beta Myeloma Panel
TCR-gamma/delta Myeloma Panel
Tdt Individual markers that can be added to any panel.
TdT General IHC
Thinprep Women's Health
Thyroglobulin General IHC
Toluidine Blue Non-Microorganism Stains
Treponema Pallidum - TP Women's Health
Treponema Pallidum (Syphilis) Women’s Health - Infectious Disease
Trichomonas Women’s Health - Infectious Disease
Trichomonas Women's Health
Trichrome Stain Non-Microorganism Stains
Tryosinase General IHC
Tryptase General IHC
TTF-1 General IHC
TTF-1 General IHC
Tyrosinase Melanocyte / Neural
Uric Acid Stain Non-Microorganism Stains
Urogen Women's Health
UroGen Quad Assay, Orange Aptima swab • Mycoplasma genitalium
• Mycoplasma hominis
• Ureasplasma species
Women's Health - Infectious Disease
Urogenital Panel (Ureaplasma & Mycoplasma) Women’s Health - Infectious Disease
Urovysion FISH
Varicella-Zoster Virus General IHC
Villin General IHC
Vimentin Soft Tissue
Von Kossa Non-Microorganism Stains
VZV Women’s Health - Infectious Disease
Warthin-Starry Microorganisms
Wright Stain Non-Microorganism Stains
WT-1 General IHC