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"Comprehensive Dermatopathology services for today’s Dermatologists."

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Dermatopathology Services

Aurora Diagnostics offers a comprehensive test menu to meet your Dermatopathology needs. We have the largest network of Dermatopathologists from coast to coast of whom many are also board-certified clinical Dermatologists. Our highly specialized Dermatopathologists work in concert with Dermatologists to discuss the results and associated symptoms, enabling rapid and accurate diagnosis of the patient’s condition.

In addition to our Pathology excellence, we are fully dedicated to continuing education by providing comprehensive training to residents throughout our locations across the country. We are also active in the continuing education of physician assistants and nurse practitioners, further enhancing our commitment to better patient care, and our clients.

Aurora Diagnostics Dermatopathologists are the integrators of all available patient information, creating clarity and opportunities for personalized medicine and targeted therapies that lead to the best possible patient outcomes.


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We have the largest network of board certified pathologist from coast to coast.