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University Pathologists


For comprehensive pathology with a personal touch, New England turns to University Pathologists.
Our practice model is based on multi-specialty pathology, which enables us to bring highly specialized
services to community hospitals and private practices. We are the only independent pathology group in
the state of Rhode Island that is able to bill directly for our services. Working on-site at 8 hospitals and
2 free-standing laboratories in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, we’ve established close ties
to the healthcare professionals who rely on us. This enables us to provide timely, leading-edge diagnostic
services — both routine and highly specialized, along with one-on-one, pre- and post-analytical consultation
on complex cases. We’re extremely proud of the close ties we’ve built with the hospitals located in the many
communities we serve. University Pathologists strives to provide a personal touch. In fact, each of our
pathologists works within their community’s primary healthcare facility, which makes them easier to
reach for consultations — either by phone or in person.

Our team of pathologists has been carefully selected for exceptional academic and clinical qualifications.
Well respected in their fields, our professionals are board certified in anatomic and/or clinical pathology, with
subspecialties that cover a broad set of needs: hematopathology, dermatopathology, uropathology, gastrointestinal
pathology, cytopathology, breast and gynecologic pathology, oral pathology and surgical pathology.