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You need your test results and diagnosis quickly — but more importantly, you need them to be right. We pride ourselves on providing reliability and the highest quality expertise, not just efficiency. You and your patients deserve thoughtful attention to detail. Get it from a community partner you can trust: University Pathologists. Talk to us about your next case.


University Pathologists is the premier pathology practice choice for community hospitals and neighboring physicians for a number of reasons…

Community-based practice We are a unique hospital-based pathology practice, operating out of 11 hospitals in CT, RI and MA. With each of our pathologists operating out of the various hospitals, the pathologists are easily accessible for consultations of complex cases and are able to establish close ties with our clients.

Staff excellence All of our staff pathologists are board certified in anatomic and/or clinical pathology and have completed fellowships at internationally renowned institutions. Each of our pathologists sub-specializes in hematopathology, dermatopathology, uropathology, gastrointestinal pathology, cytology and gynecologic pathology, molecular pathology, molecular genetics pathology, bone and podiatric pathology or surgical pathology. In addition, our pathologists are dedicated academicians. They work as adjunct professors and head fellowship programs through Boston University School of Medicine.

Efficiency We maintain a 36- to 72-hour turnaround time — or sooner if the case is a rush.

Technology We use state of the art technology, including tele-microscopy, allowing our microscopic images to be shared amongst our users via the Internet, in real time. This technology enables us to access our experts for diagnosis and consultations, regardless of location, eliminating the need for travel.

Customer service Tissue processing by highly qualified professionals and slide preparation customized to the practitioner’s needs

• Specimen containers and user friendly requisition forms
• Expeditious courier service for specimen pick-up and supply delivery
• Physician liaison, a position dedicated to creating a closer relationship between our office-based clients and
  staff pathologists

Customized reporting We provide customized pathology reports. Reporting methods include:

• Online reporting
• Auto fax
• Delivery via courier
• Mail
• Office printers