Aurora Research Institute (ARI)


The Aurora Research Institute (ARI), a division of Aurora Diagnostics, has been created to support the research, discovery, development and validation of key biomarkers instrumental in determining early and definitive diagnosis, appropriate therapy selection, and accurate response monitoring for patients with cancer. Through leveraging Aurora’s nationwide network of specialty laboratories and hospital affiliates, Aurora provides access to highly annotated bio-specimens targeted to further cancer-focused personalized medicine research initiatives.

By providing bio-specimens, the foundation for the discovery pipeline, to governmental,
private sector, and academic research programs, cancer researchers will have easy
and consistent access to high-quality bio-specimens for their varied research and
developmental activities.

For more information on our research and development services, please call 855.ARI.1500 or 855.274.1500.

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The Aurora Research Institute (ARI) services include provision of:

IRB approved, Pathologist-directed Bio-specimen Procurement Protocols

• Aurora Principal Investigators and Clinical Research Coordinators conduct prospective
  collections aimed at providing sensitive biomaterials and meaningful data designed to
  facilitate answers to complex research questions.

• Experienced pathologists are available on a consultation basis to provide input into study
  design and interpretation of laboratory findings.

• Extensive IRB-approved data collection is made available providing valuable information regarding patient medical history, social history,
  infectious disease status, prior and newly indicated treatments and therapies as well as outcomes.

• Access to corresponding biofluids in addition to specific tissue types

Exclusive and protected access to Aurora’s Virtual BioBank

• Aurora’s Virtual BioBank provides on-line biorepository access to archived biosamples previously collected in a compliant and
  approved manner.

• FFPE Tissues are available representing all major cancer types along with extensive associated data.

• Aurora’s Biorepository Management program allows effortless searching through thousands of samples using customized multiple
  search criteria.

• Aurora’s Pathology Staff is available to perform re-review on each sample to confirm presence and % of tumor cells in sample.

• Aurora’s Pathology laboratories provides resource for additional ancillary IHC and Molecular testing on all procured materials not
  previously performed at or before the time of original collection.

Strategic Partnerships

• Aurora’s foundation and framework for development of strategic partnerships
  with diagnostic and therapeutic manufacturers is for the purpose of contributing to
  the development and validation of new Biopharmaceuticals, Bio-Assays, and
  Companion Diagnostics.

• Aurora pathologists and nationwide laboratory network possess expertise in the validation
  and piloting of new testing products and services

• Aurora institutional partners, affiliated specialty laboratories and outreach programs
  are capable of jump-starting new product distribution efforts and providing expert
  market analysis and feedback related to efficacy and utility of new technologies.

• Aurora’s multispecialty pathology team available to provide expert consultation services contributing to the development of new
  technologies and provision of feedback regarding the utility of new diagnostics.

For more information on our research and development services, please call 855.ARI.1500 or 855.274.1500.


All bio-specimen collection protocols are reviewed and approved by the site appropriate Independent or Institutional Review Boards. Only excess surgical biomaterial is collected and under no circumstances is material collected that is required for accurate diagnosis. Aurora makes every effort to protect patient rights and privacy and strictly adheres to all local state and national guidelines pertaining to procurement and the protection of patient health information.

For more information on our research and development services, please call 855.ARI.1500 or 855.274.1500.