Women's Health Services

Aurora Diagnostics Women's Health Services provide complete pathology services to the women’s health care provider. Our expert pathologists and cytopathologists consult with our clients upon request. Our local presence within each market allows us to develop specific professional relationships with our clients and within the community in general.

We are committed to serving and supporting our colleagues with complete and clinically relevant reports. Each report includes the patient’s medical history and a correlation of biopsy, Pap test, and molecular test results. Our pathologists report all abnormal results to the ordering physician without delay. Our expertise allows us to integrate the latest tests and laboratory techniques to provide the best possible and most personalized diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic information so that clients may provide optimal patient care.

We specialize in satisfying the unique needs of the OB/GYN practice. The diversity of medical problems and patient ages in the OB/GYN office demand prompt customer service, superior connectivity, and a tailored electronic medical records system. We are cognizant of the fact that today's OB/GYN practices operate under strict guidelines, especially concerning labor and delivery.

Our mission is to produce definitive, high quality test offerings administered by expert, board-certified pathologists and cytopathologists. We must provide easy access to test results, timely services, and accurate/consistent test results. We strive to deliver the latest diagnostic modalities in women’s health for the benefit of our clients and their patients.

Our Women’s diagnostics' menu is tailored to serve the OB/GYN practitioner. Our menu includes all relevant tests in women’s health, from conventional Pap tests to molecular testing, clinical laboratory testing, cultures, and gynecological surgical pathology. Here is our current OB/GYN test menu:

• Pap tests:
   — Liquid-based ThinPrep® and SurePath®
   — Imaging of all Pap tests
• HPV tests:
   — HPV-HR (Cervista, Digene, and PCR)
   — HPV-16/18 (Cervista, Digene, and PCR)
   — Reflex HPV if Pap is abnormal
   — Combined HPV and Pap test for women over age 30
   — HPV-HR and genotyping by Real-Time PCR
• HER-2, ER/PR, and Ki-67 for breast cancer
• Chlamydia and gonorrhea screening tests:
   — Gen-Probe Aptima Combo 2
   — BD Affirm™
   — PCR
• Herpes Simplex Viruses 1 and 2:
   — PCR
• Group B Streptococcus (vaginal or rectal swab):
   — Culture
   — PCR identification
• Bacterial vaginosis:
   — BD Affirm™ (Candida, Gardnerella, Trichomoniasis)
   — Bacterial vaginosis PCR panel
   — Candida vaginitis QUAD/Autogenomics Real-Time PCR
   — Bacterial vaginosis QUAD/Real-Time PCR (A. vaginae, B. fragilis, G. vaginalis, M. curtis, M. mulleris, and P. Bivia)
   — Infiniti UroGen QUAD/Real-Time PCR (M. genitalium and U. urealyticum)
• Genetic testing:
   — Cystic fibrosis 23 mutations panel (liquid-based Pap specimens)
   — Spinal Muscular Atrophy
• Surgical pathology:
   — FNA, biopsies, and surgical specimens
   — Histology
   — Immunohistochemistry and special stains
   — Frozen section examinations

Aurora Diagnostics is proud to offer women's health-related, clinical laboratory tests in two locations. Bernhardt Laboratories and Greensboro Pathology Associates each has a full-service clinical laboratory with an extensive menu tailored to serve the women’s health service provider.

Aurora Diagnostics supports physicians and their staffs with innovative technologies. Aurora Diagnostics' ConnectDX® connectivity products are solutions that provide fast and convenient access to patients' laboratory reports to improve the office workflow.

• Improve practice efficiency
• Integration with your Practice Management System (PMS) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system
• Intelligent data delivery process
• Proactive management of electronic environment
• Customized practice reporting

ConnectDX® Software

• Our laboratory provides software for use with your existing computer and printer
• Reports are sent electronically to your computer and printed on your printer
• No additional space needed for hardware
• Faster laboratory report delivery
• Integration with your PMS and EMR systems

ConnectDX® Printer

• Our laboratory provides the proprietary PUCK platform and network-ready printer
• The PUCK and printer plug into your existing Internet connection
• Reports are sent electronically to the printer
• Compact business-grade printer and components
• Easy installation by your sales representative
• Integration with your PMS and EMR systems

ConnectDX® Portal

• Our laboratory provides access to an Internet portal
• Internet access to Login to review and/or print patient laboratory reports
• Retrieval of archived laboratory reports
• HIPAA-compliant 256-bit SSL encrypted technology
• Conveniently add users and assign access levels

ConnectDX® TrueView (Result Delivery and Viewing Solution)

1. Displays original laboratory report in a PDF format, with no loss of report formatting, as seen with many traditional HL7 interfaces
2. Single key stroke access to patient reports
3. Search/View/Sign/Print reports instantly
4. Fast install time - days from request, not months
5. Patient results can be accessed without the EMR being opened
6. Unaffected by Internet or network outage or troubles with the EMR application
7. Updates to the EMR will NEVER affect the access to your patient’s results. Even with a complete change of EMR vendors - your lab results will always be preserved and accessible.

ConnectDX® Interfaces

• Our laboratory facilitates and interfaces with your PMS and/or EMS systems
• Patient laboratory results flow from our laboratory to your existing system
• Enhances office efficiency
• Integrates laboratory reports with your PMS and EMR system

Many of Aurora’s community-based practices offer a variety of educational services for physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and residents.

Contact your local representative to see what activities are happening in your community, or to plan an educational event.