Dermatopathology Services

Dermatopathology Services for Today's Dermatologists

Aurora Diagnostics Dermatopathology is dedicated to providing unsurpassed dermatopathology services to patients, dermatologists, and other physicians specializing in skin disease, with renowned dermatopathologists, community-based sub-specialized laboratories and exceptional personalized services.

As a Physician’s Physician, we are committed to your patients’ care by providing support and diagnostic information quickly and accurately, written in the language of clinical dermatology. Our dermatopathologists are members of the local medical communities we serve, physicians that you personally know and can immediately consult with on your patients’ care. Our personalized approach means you experience the highest quality, customized, dermatopathology services available, in your local medical community. Our expertise in integrating relevant technologies means you and your patient always have access to the latest technologies (i.e. IHC, FISH and Gene Rearrangement) to provide you the diagnostic/prognostic information you need to provide the best possible outcome for your patient.

Our commitment to serving the unique needs of dermatologists and their patients has made Aurora one of the fastest growing dermatopathology organizations in the United States. Our practices include some of the most renowned dermatopathology experts in the field known for their clinical contributions and dedication to physician education to further the field of dermatology.

Aurora Diagnostics is fully dedicated to continuing education by providing comprehensive training to residents throughout our locations across the country. We are also active in the continuing education of physician assistants and nurse practitioners further enhancing our commitment to better patient care and our clients.

As a partner, our referring physicians receive more than just pathology services. Aurora Diagnostics provides a holistic approach to our physician partnerships providing a wide range of specialized services, tools and innovative technology solutions to enhance their dermatology practices.

Aurora offers a comprehensive menu of diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic testing to ensure an accurate and definitive diagnosis in a timely enabling physicians to being their patient treatment and management ces.

Sampling of our comprehensive test menu.

Surgical Pathology
• Biopsies
• Excisions
• Process for margins

Special Stains

AFB Gram
Alcian Blue Iron
Alcian Blue PAS Mucicarmine
Amyloid PAS (Hematoxylin)
Calcium PAS Fungus
Crystal Violet Trichrome
Elastic (VVG)  


Ber-EP4 Chromogranin HMB-45 NSE
CD3 Cytokeratin 7 HSV I & II Pan Keratin
CD10 Cytokeratin20 Ki-67 S100
CD20 Desmin LCA Synaptophysin
CD30 Factor XIIIa MART-1 Vimentin
CD31 High Molecular MSA - Actin  
CD34 Weight Keratin (34 MLH-1  
CD68 Beta E12) MSH-2  

If you are interested in a specific test, that is not listed above, please contact your local Aurora Diagnostics provider. For a list of Aurora’s Dermatopathology Laboratories, please visit “Our Locations”.

Aurora Diagnostics, supports physicians and their staffs with innovative technologies. Aurora Diagnostics' ConnectDX® connectivity products are solutions that provide fast and convenient access to patients' laboratory reports to improve the office workflow.

• Improve practice efficiency
• Integration with your Practice Management System (PMS) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system
• Intelligent data delivery process
• Proactive management of electronic environment
• Customized practice reporting

ConnectDX® Software

• Our laboratory provides software for use with your existing computer and printer
• Reports are sent electronically to your computer and printed on your printer
• No additional space needed for hardware
• Faster laboratory report delivery
• Integration with your PMS and EMR systems

ConnectDX® Printer

• Our laboratory provides the proprietary PUCK platform and network-ready printer
• The PUCK and printer plug into your existing Internet connection
• Reports are sent electronically to the printer
• Compact business-grade printer and components
• Easy installation by your sales representative
• Integration with your PMS and EMR systems

ConnectDX® Portal

• Our laboratory provides access to an Internet portal
• Internet access to Login to review and/or print patient laboratory reports
• Retrieval of archived laboratory reports
• HIPAA-compliant 256-bit SSL encrypted technology
• Conveniently add users and assign access levels

ConnectDX® TrueView (Result Delivery and Viewing Solution)

1. Displays original laboratory report in a PDF format, with no loss of report formatting, as seen with many traditional HL7 interfaces
2. Single key stroke access to patient reports
3. Search/View/Sign/Print reports instantly
4. Fast install time - days from request, not months
5. Patient results can be accessed without the EMR being opened
6. Unaffected by Internet or network outage or troubles with the EMR application
7. Updates to the EMR will NEVER affect the access to your patient’s results. Even with a complete change of EMR vendors - your lab results will always be preserved and accessible.

ConnectDX® Interfaces

• Our laboratory facilitates and interfaces with your PMS and/or EMS systems
• Patient laboratory results flow from our laboratory to your existing system
• Enhances office efficiency
• Integrates laboratory reports with your PMS and EMR system

doc2MD is a dermatology-specific, easy-to-use, cost effective electronic medical record (EMR) software that will optimize your practices' efficiency.

Doc2MD EMR Software

• Is designed for a dermatology practice
• Specifically addresses dermatology practice challenges that generic EMR systems cannot
• Is cost-effective
• Will significantly enhance office productivity and efficiency
• Will be provided with 30 free days of technical support
• Designed to quickly and accurately document each dermatology encounter in such a manner as to pass a Medicare and/or insurance audit
• Easily interfaces with your practices management system (PMS)
• Is designed to enable you to participate in dermatology pay-for-performance measures

doc2MD will resolve many of the patient management challenges you face in your dermatology practice

Challenge: Repetitive documentation
Solution: Medical encounter note macros, called "plans," can be set up in the doc2MD software to automate repetitive snippets of information for standard diagnoses. The doc2MD software also allows you to set up an automated series of clicks, called "smart plans," within an encounter note that can be executed when appropriate.

Challenge: Pathology specimen jars and requisitions are cumbersome and time-consuming to complete
Solution: The doc2MD software automatically generates pathology labels, noting the patient name and specimen location, for placement on the pathology specimen bottle/jar. Once you have finished entering the specimen location, simply press a button to produce the pathology requisition.

Challenge: Managing open pathology log entries
Solution: When a new encounter is created for a patient, the patient's history is automatically reviewed to determine if there are any open pathology log entries that require further attention.

Challenge: Tracking pathology courier pickups
Solution: The doc2MD software prepares courier pickup reports that detail the number of specimens, the patient chart number, and the anatomic collection point of each specimen.

Challenge: Managing laboratory logs
Solution: The doc2MD software has a sophisticated pathology, clinical laboratory, and radiology log that can be quickly searched and updated to show the status of laboratory results. This log also permits ad hoc sorting, filtering, and grouping of data to ensure that patient issues are addressed in a timely manner.

Challenge: Maximizing practice efficiency
Solution: The doc2MD software advanced practice analysis tools allow you to quickly review important information regarding benchmarks of success. "Click Analyser" permits you to review every aspect of your clinical data in an easy-to-use reporting tool - one that allows you to maximize practice efficiency and profitability.

Challenge: Keeping up with pay-for-performance measures for dermatology
Solution: With doc2MD, a click of a button automatically reviews each patient's history to ensure that pay-for-performance measures are identified an addressed

Aurora Diagnostics is dedicated to the future of dermatology and offers a variety of educational services for dermatology residents, physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Contact your local representative to see what activities are happening in your community, or to plan an educational event.

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Accurate and definite diagnosis and classification of autoimmune and inflammatory skin diseases with Immunofluorescence testing service.

Dermatopathology and Immunofluorescence studies are crucial for the diagnosis and classification of immunologic disorders, allowing optimal patient care. Immunofluorescence studies play an important ancillary role in the diagnosis of immunologic disorders such as:
• Cutaneous vasculitis
• Connective tissue diseases (Cutaneous lupus erythematosus)
• Blistering diseases (Pemphigus vulgaris)

Aurora Diagnostics provides high quality, customized dermatopathology and immunofluorescence services.
• Direct and indirect immunofluorescence
• Accurate, concise reporting with histology correlation
• The expertise of board-certified dermatopathologists/dermatologists
• 48-72 hour turnaround time
• Direct communication to our experts
• Extensive managed care coverage

Laszlo J. Karai, M.D., Ph.D.



Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical University (Ph.D.)
Szeged, Hungary

Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical University (M.D.)
Szeged, Hungary

Post Graduate Training:

Dermatopathology Fellowship
Cleveland Clinical Foundation
Cleveland, OH

Anatomic Pathology Residency
National Cancer Institute
Center for Cancer Research
Laboratory of Pathology
Bethesda, MD

Board Certifications:

Anatomic Pathology

Valda N. Kaye, M.D.

Director of Dermatopathology


University of Witwatersrand, M.D.
Johannesburg, South Africa

Post Graduate Training:

Dermatopathology Fellowship
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN

Surgical Pathology Fellowship
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Pathology Residency
South African Institute for Medical Research
Johannesburg, South Africa

Dermatology Residency
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN

Board Certifications:

Anatomic Pathology

Mark S. Wilke, M.D.



University of Minnesota
Medical School (M.D.)
Minneapolis, MN

Post Graduate Training:

Experimental Pathology Research
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN

University of Minnesota
Hospitals and Clinics
Minneapolis, MN

Internal Medicine
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN

Anatomic Pathology
University of Minnesota
Hospitals and Clinics
Minneapolis, MN

Board Certifications:

Anatomic Pathology