Pathology Consultation Services

Innovative and Profitable Pathology Revenue Solutions for Physician Practices

Aurora’s ConsultDX program features innovative alternative pathology service models designed to enable your practice to thrive and prosper while focusing on delivering the highest level of patient care possible.

In the past, national laboratories provided both the technical and professional components of pathology services to referring physicians. Changes in federal regulations now permit clinician practices to conduct either the professional or technical component in-house and to bill for all associated services. Our ConsultDX program will provide your practice with a TC/PC solution that is appropriate for your practice, ensuring a focus on a high level of patient care, while reaching your practice goals.

The ConsultDX Program
Our ConsultDX team will work closely with you to customize a TC/PC solution that best matches your practice goals. Our state-of-the-art laboratory facility provides expert board-certified pathologists, enhanced pathology reporting solutions, and business models that enable our physician clients to add value to their practices by optimizing the level of patient care while generating additional revenue.

• Alternative TC/PC programs to meet your practice needs
• Continuous focus on improving patient care
• Increased revenue to your practice
• Each TC/PC solution is turnkey and easy to implement
• Assistance from TC/PC experts
• Dedicated support team
• Global and TC/PC services – provided by CLIA certified laboratory
• Physician consultants – doctors talking to doctors
• Consultation Services on challenging patient cases
• Rapid turnaround time
• Software to optimize workflow

The TC/PC Process is Simple

ConsultDX representatives will help you identify and select the appropriate TC/PC program for your practice.*
• We will then guide you through the process of setting up your program, conferring with you every step of the way.
• Our years of experience and resources will facilitate your selection and implementation of your TC/PC model.

During the Transition
While your office is preparing for this transition, Aurora Diagnostics can prepare and interpret your specimens at our modern local facility. Reports will be available to you through a fully customized relay process. Our IT department can create seamless interfaces between our laboratory reporting software and your practice.

Our team of hardware and software experts will install all of the systems required to ensure that your office is running smoothly and efficiently from the start. Our team will work hand-in-hand with your staff to train them, in the use of all software applications.

Credentialing and Billing*
Our expert billing and credentialing department will assist you with your network affiliations will confer with you to ensure you are receiving optimal reimbursement for all professional or technical services rendered.

*Aurora Diagnostics charges a consulting fee as required by Federal and State Laws.


The Physician services model focuses on a physician’s practice performing and billing for the Professional Component (PC) of pathology services.

In this instance we work hand-in-hand with you to help identify a subspecialty pathologist to add to your practices, thus forming a multispecialty group. While Aurora Diagnostics prepares and process your specimens, the Technical Component (TC), your own, in-house, pathologist will read and interpret them, the PC Component.

This creates added revenue for your practice, without increasing your patient workload, and helps improves the standard of patient care.

The Benefits
• Minimal capital investment
• Support tools to assist in all paperwork and logistics for laboratory partnership
• Easy to start; easy to end
• No building permits – limited office space is required
• With some carriers, you can be paid close to the global rate without the added costs of building a lab
• Simple changes to your already existing CLIA
• Assistance from our TC/PC Experts*

*Aurora Diagnostics charges a consulting fee as required by Federal and State Laws.


The Technical Laboratory Services Model focuses on a physicians practice building and operating their own technical processing laboratory, for the preparation of histology slides, in-house and, of course, to bill for all associated services.

Aurora offers a turnkey solution for the planning, implementation and management of the TC - technical laboratory service model program. We help you evaluate the model to make sure it is appropriate for your needs, meets your practices goals, and ensures a high level of patient care is maintained.

The Benefits
• Comprehensive services with experienced consultants and resources at your disposal*
• Design and buildout of your laboratory
• Equipment selection and purchase
• Recruitment and Training of Laboratory Staff
• Regulatory and Safety Expertise
• QA/QC program
• Preparation of a CLIA compliant manual.
• Support for the initial CLIA inspection
• Experience with the implications of regulations, including Stark, Anti-Markup and any relevant State or Local Regulations.
• Billing/Coding experts to discuss, review and train staff in proper coding to ensure that you capture the revenue for the services you provide.

*Aurora Diagnostics charges a consulting fee as required by Federal and State Laws.