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Pathology Services Overview

Aurora Diagnostics is dedicated to providing unsurpassed diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic information and services to every healthcare community in which it serves. It is our belief that the practice of medicine and the delivery of health care are both personal and best delivered locally. We currently operate over 20 community-based laboratories in the United States, with over 120 licensed physicians on staff to service dermatologists, OB/GYN professionals, family practitioners, gastroenterologists, urologists, general surgeons, oncologists, and over 65 community-based hospitals.

Our physicians are members of the local medical communities we serve – physicians who are personally known to our referring physicians and with whom the latter may immediately confer regarding patient care. Our personalized approach means that our referring physicians experience the highest quality, customized, services available within their local medical communities. Our expertise in integrating relevant technologies ensures that physicians and their patients consistently have access to best possible clinical information.

Aurora’s commitment to serving the unique needs of referring physicians, coupled with our personalized approach, have created a reputation of excellence within our local communities. Our community-based physician practices and laboratories include some of the most well-established practices and most renowned experts in our field – specialists who are known for their clinical contributions and dedication to physician education to further the field of medicine.

Our referring physicians receive more than mere diagnostics laboratory services. Aurora provides a holistic approach to our relationship with each referring physician. We provide a wide range of specialized services, tools, and innovative technology solutions to enhance each physician’s practice and support his/her ability to deliver optimal patient care.