Molecular Diagnostic Services

Illuminating the path to better health through patient-specific diagnostic information.

As a leader and specialist in diagnostic health care, we understand that the more patient-specific information we can provide a referring physician, the better able he/she is to provide the best possible patient care.

Molecular diagnostics provides us insight into a patient’s biological makeup on the genetic level. Determining the genetic variants for a given patient can assist us in determining his/her predisposition to disease and/or potential responses to a therapeutic treatment option. Aurora’s physician staff of over 150 pathologists carefully remains abreast of advancements in relevant molecular diagnostics testing and their effects on the delivery of optimal patient care.

Our physicians carefully integrate the latest advancements in medical science and technology into their ongoing programs of expertise in pathology, disease diagnosis, and disease management. This, in turn, provides client clinicians with a more comprehensive approach to patient care.

Our focus on personalized medicine ensures that our referring physicians receive the benefit of:
• Accurate, patient-specific, diagnostic information that facilitates decision making and enhanced patient care at a reduced cost.
• Tools that enable them to make improved prescription/treatment decisions by reducing trial and error approaches regarding therapeutic prescription options.
• A local physician partner in patient care–pathologists they know, trust, and with whom they can consult regarding applicable testing and results interpretation.
• A diagnostics partner who remains abreast of the latest relevant testing.
• Local, easy-to-use, community-based diagnostics services.

Our molecular diagnostic services focus on oncology, women’s health and infectious diseases.

• AuraSeq-Fusions Data Sheet | Requisition
• AuraSeq-Solid Tumor Data Sheet | Requisition
• BRAFV600 Data Sheet | Requisition
• MLH-1 Promoter Hypermethylation Data Sheet | Requisition
• MSI Data Sheet | Requisition
• Pan-Tumor NTRK Profile Requisition
• T&B Cell Rearrangement Data Sheet | Requisition
• Her2Neu FISH Data Sheet | Requisition
• MMR Data Sheet | Requisition
• PD-L1 clone 22C3 Data Sheet | Requisition
• PD-L1 clone SP142 Data Sheet | Requisition
• PD-L1 clone 28-8 Requisition
• PD-L1 clone SP263 Requisition
• BCR ABL1 Data Sheet | Requisition

WomensDX/Infectious Diseases:
• Bacterial vaginosis panel
• BD Affirm vaginitis testing
• Candida vaginitis panel
• Cervical DNA-Dtex (3q26, 5p15)
• Chlamydia and gonorrhea
• Cystic fibrosis screen
• Group B Streptococcus
• HPV genotyping
• HPV high-risk genotyping
• HPV high-risk screen
• HSV-1
• HSV-2
• Mycoplasma and ureaplasma testing
• Trichomonas
• Other infectious disease assays