Welcome to CBM Pathology


Aurora Diagnostics CBM Pathology is fully committed to providing excellent surgical pathology
and cytology services to the patient through the physicians and surgical centers that we serve.
Our priority is to be the preferred pathology partner for our clients (referring physicians and their
patients), with a personal approach to providing the most accurate and up to date diagnostic services,
to facilitate communication and fast result reporting, and to aid in finding the most efficient ways to
connect all aspects of medicine for each patient. Aurora Diagnostics CBM Pathology is committed
to providing excellent technical services in surgical biopsies, cytology and the performance and
handling of FNA biopsies. We have defined our philosophical principals to include expert surgical
and clinical pathology diagnostic and consultative services, rapid turnaround and cost-effective
delivery of services. The expertise of our pathologists is supplemented by highly skilled office and
technical staff and by the employment of leading edge laboratory and computer technology.