Lab Assistant - Specimen Prep Tech I

Job Title:

Lab Assistant - Specimen Prep Tech I

Job Description:

Accessions patient specimens and provides support functions for the pathologists, pathologists’ assistants, and grossing techs in the anatomic pathology tissue and autopsy laboratory.

Minimum Qualifications:

1. High School diploma or equivalent
2. Good knowledge of laboratory functions
3. Good working knowledge of surgical pathology procedures
4. Good organizational skills
5. Ability to multi-task

Licensure and Certification:

1. State of Nevada certification as a laboratory Assistant or eligible.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Receives specimens and verifies appropriate patient identification. Clarifies information with clients, path assistants or pathologists as needed.
2. Time stamps all requisition slips and conducts insurance check
3. Examines requisitions for special instructions or special studies as needed.
4. Accessions patient surgical specimens and records all required information and histology data accurately. Conducts previous history correlation.
5. Labels specimen containers, tissue cassettes, and additional specimen containers following dissection for special studies.
6. Maintains knowledge base in the Laboratory Information System.
7. Performs basic stain techniques to assist in intraoperative consult cases.
8. Performs specimen release, storage, retrieval and disposal following department and hospital policies and regulatory agency requirements.
9. Performs basic specimen/intraoperative photography for purposes documentation/record keeping and prints digital images.
10. Contacts pathologists by use of a telephone/pager system.
11. Assists pathologists in the staining of frozen sections and touch preps.
12. Serves as resource for clients, pathologists and patients or coordinate response with pathologists’ assistants.
13. Updates information regarding SODS, OAPC, G.O. doctors, etc.
14. Edits histology block information at OAPC. Assists in accurate block count. Makes copies of log for histology.
15. Performs QA by double checking data entry on all requisitions.
16. Transports requisitions to transcription.
17. Records triage specimens and delivers to front office.
18. Ensures documentation of all specimen requisitions triaged to outside reference laboratories.
19. Prepares and stocks all grossing stations.
20. Maintains equipment and inventory for the anatomic pathology tissue lab.
21. Has an understanding of all aspects of pertinent quality control and quality assurance programs.
22. Implements and completes QA forms as needed.
23. Possesses a working knowledge of all laboratory policies with emphasis on universal precautions and safety.
24. Performs instrument set up for post-mortem examinations. Measures and weighs fetus and infants. Assists with autopsies as needed.
25. Loads tissue processors.
26. Maintains the following logs for OAPC and/or Sunrise:
    a. Daily specimen log
    b. Quest/Lab Corp triage log
    c. Specimen drop off log
    d. Preventive maintenance log
    e. Stone send out log
    f. G.O. sign out log plus print working drafts
    g. Hardware log
    h. Breast implant log
    i. Overdue log for specimen disposal
    j. Photo logs
27. Prepares reagents: B5, Diff-Quik, Glutaraldehyde and RPMI
28. Assists with preparation and send out of specimens for reference according to protocol.
29. Assists with various specimen specific protocols including staining and block freezing.
30. Assists with placenta rolls sectioning.
31. Scans all requisitions and patient information documents into Tamtron and marks/stamps documents indicating documents have been scanned before releasing them for billing.
32. Cleans/maintains accessioning and tissue lab areas and equipment
33. Attends all required department, sectional and safety meetings.
34. Prepares prostate biopsy kits.
35. Prepares biohazard trash for pick-up each week.

Additional Responsibilities:

1. Maintain confidentiality of patient information in accordance with HIPPA regulations.
2. Participate successfully in all required training and competency assessments.
3. Comply with all local, federal, CLIA, and CAP regulations.
4. Ensure all safety, quality control, and quality assurance standards are met.
5. Attend all required meetings.
6. Maintain a clean and well-organized work area.
7. Other duties as assigned.

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