Congratulations Dr. Nicole Riddle from Aurora Diagnostics Cunningham Pathology

image017Congratulations to Dr. Nicole Riddle from Aurora Diagnostics Cunningham Pathology for making the The Pathologist magazine’s #PowerList! We are so proud of Dr. Riddle and are honored to have her as part of our Aurora Diagnostics team.

“According to her nominators, Nicole is making a name for herself with her active involvement in pathology advocacy. She is a member of the CAP House of Delegates Steering Committee, the USCAP delegate to the American Medical Association, and a member of the Young Physician Section Governing Council. She is also expanding pathologists’ knowledge on patient safety and high-quality, reliable healthcare. That’s important to her because Nicole is familiar with both sides of the microscope – both as a patient, diagnosed with a genetic disorder affecting the bones and skin, and as a pathologist now specializing in bone and soft tissue pathology.

After training at Moffitt Cancer Center and the University of Pennsylvania Health System, Nicole currently delivers care at Cunningham Pathology in Alabama.”