AUSTIN Monthly features Dr. Randy Eckert

Dr. Randy Eckert, managing medical director of Austin Pathology Associates, didn’t always know he wanted to be a pathologist, but as the son of a family practice physician he grew up knowing he was interested in medicine.

This is Dr. Eckert’s 14th year being recognized as one of Austin’s Best Doctors, and it’s clear that his longtime knowledge of and passion for the medical field influenced the accomplished pathologist that he is today.

Dr. Eckert is a Texas native, born and raised in Castroville. He studied medicine at Texas A&M as an undergraduate student and started his career as a medical technologist, where he met the founders of Austin Pathology Associates. They became mentors to him, and encouraged him to go back to medical school to pursue pathology.

After completing his medical education at Texas A&M, Dr. Eckert joined Austin Pathology Associates in 1989. He has had a remarkable 25-year tenure, helping physicians understand their patients and providing the best care possible. Dr. Eckert gets great satisfaction knowing he can make a difference in patients’ lives and health.

Dr. Eckert was an owner and partner at Austin Pathology Associates from 1991 to 2011, when the organization became part of Aurora Diagnostics’ network of laboratories and partners. Driven by a passion for patient care, Austin Pathology Associates provides the highest quality services. The organization is also actively involved in community charities throughout Central Texas, including the St. David’s Foundation.

Austin Pathology Associates’ diverse team of pathologists provides anatomic and clinical pathology services across several specialties. Pathologists specialize in surgical and clinical services, as well as hematopathology, cytopathology and dermatopathology. Subspecialties include breast pathology, gastrointestinal pathology and gynecological pathology.

Outside of work, Dr. Eckert enjoys playing tennis and golf. He is also an advocate for giving back to the community on a personal level, and he and his wife participate in the Center for Child Protection and the Animal Trustees of Austin. They also open their home to foster animals from the Austin Humane Society.

Dr. Eckert is the gold standard in pathology. He has impressive credentials, but more importantly, he is continually curious and patient-focused.

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