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Welcome to Aurora Diagnostics

Aurora Diagnostics is a premier healthcare laboratory company providing unsurpassed diagnostic and information services to physicians, hospital systems, and researchers. It is our belief that the practice of medicine and the delivery of health care are both personal and best delivered locally. Our physician team of over 150 licensed physicians supported by over 1,200 medical and laboratory personnel reside in the medical communities we serve. Their focus is to transform the healthcare services we provide to physicians - one patient at a time.

Advancing patient care and outcomes through knowledge, collaboration, and research is our passion. This starts in the medical communities we serve whereby our physicians share their expertise and knowledge of healthcare through educational programs designed for residents, physicians and other healthcare providers. We aim to bridge the gap between out-patient and in-patient services by improving the flow of patient information through innovative technologies and collaboration between physicians responsible for an individual patients’ continuum-of-care. With a focus on personalized medicine and the advancement of molecular diagnostics, Aurora’s Research Institute provides expanded opportunities for pharmaceutical and diagnostic research and development organizations to leverage our expertise and resources in order to further their development and advancement of patient care.